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Novato sprinkler repair tecehnician adjusts a Hunter pop up headHave you been noticing more and more frequent leaks in your irrigation system? Has it been more than 25 years since you last replaced your pipes? Chances are it's time for you to repair or upgrade your sprinkler system. That's where our expert Novato sprinkler repair team comes in. We utilize top of the line equipment that was built to last through the hot summer and cold winter months, meaning you won't have to replace your irrigation system for years to come. Some of our favorite brands include Toro, Hunter, Rain Bird, Weathermatic, and more. Call us today and find out what we can do to help you stay green and save money in Marin county!

We Take Sprinkler Repair Seriously

Sprinkler repair isn't just a paycheck for us – it's a skilled trade that allows us to help keep our community vibrant. A world without greenery would be a dismal one, and we want to make sure that you have all the equipment necessary to allow your trees to grow tall and strong for generations. After we repair your current system or install an entirely new one, we also recommend that you take part in our irrigation system maintenance plan. Sprinkler heads often need adjusting in order to ensure they are spraying the correct area and with efficient and consistent coverage. Pipes can sometimes fracture or become entangled in surrounding tree roots. And, due to being in California's earthquake zone, often times pipes are dislodged as the earth around them shifts. For these reasons, it's crucial that you keep a close eye on your sprinkler system and ensure that you don't waste water and pay unnecessarily high water bills.

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Brian has been doing this for a while and it shows. I have a feeling he could have done the same job with his eyes closed.-Eric W., Novato

Green, well irrigated lawn in NovatoLet Us Help Keep Your Home Green

Your lawn doesn't need to wither during the hot summer months. Our Novato sprinkler repair team can help you to conserve water while still maintaining the health of your lawn through a few different methods. We regularly install sprinkler timers that save you from accidentally forgetting to turn off your irrigation system at the start of a hectic work day. We also recommend installing drip irrigation systems that put water right at the roots of your plants and trees, rather than spraying water on the surrounding pavement. Even a simple fix such as installing new low-flow sprinkler heads can make a huge difference on your water usage and your wallet, allowing you to eliminate the need to feel guilty for keeping your lawn alive. Re-seeding your lawn and replanting trees and bushes is expensive, and that's why we're here to help you save money before it's too late.

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