The Clear Choice for Larkspur Sprinkler Repair Services

Sprinklers running after a sprinkler repair in Larkspur, CAIf you've ever tried to find someone off of Craigslist to handle your sprinkler repair, you already know why it's worth hiring a professional. Our customers call us for their Larkspur sprinkler repair and installation needs because they know:

  • We communicate well over the phone and can answer many questions remotely
  • We give precise appointment times, not six hour appointment windows
  • Our technicians treat your property like it's their own
  • We only use the best parts in the industry, so your repairs last longer
  • We can work with any configuration of in-ground sprinkler system

There's a Lot More to Your System Than The Heads

One of the pitfalls you'll run into if you try to call a plumber, handyman, or landscaper for your sprinkler repair needs is the scope of the job. Replacing a couple of sprinkler heads isn't difficult, but fixing drainage and wiring issues can take a lot more experience.

Irrigation contractor installs a pop-up headThe good news is that we can handle 100% of your system, tip to tail:

  • Sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • Sprinkler valves and valve boxes
  • Wiring and piping
  • Drainage
  • Timers
  • Zoning and zone additions
  • Rain Sensors

Our Larkspur Irrigation Team Also Handles Sprinkler Retrofits

Most sprinkler systems were not installed with water conservation in mind. The most wasteful systems are easy to spot: they water the sidewalk more than your lawn. But even systems that look efficient could still lose water to unnecessary drainage runoff and evaporation.

Our irrigation team can evaluate your water usage and make small changes with a lot of impact. From switching out old sprinkler heads, optimizing your watering cycle, fixing hairline leaks and redoing your zones, we can often save homeowners up to 50% off their outdoor water usage. Call to speak with one of our team members today to learn more.

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