About Our San Rafael Irrigation Repair & Installation Team

Irirgation contractor in San Rafael adjusts sprinkler headYour home should be a place you can use to forget about the stresses of the work day. Our San Rafael sprinkler professionals know how important it is for you to keep your home beautiful. That's why we're here to provide you with sprinkler installation, repair, and maintenance services in order to make your yard the oasis retreat it was meant to be. Whether you need an entirely new sprinkler system installed, or simply need someone to come out and help you troubleshoot your current equipment, we'll gladly come to your assistance.

The Most Trusted Name in Irrigation Repair & Installation

Our sprinkler repairmen and women are certified, licensed, and knowledgeable of current industry standards. We take safety seriously, and we only send technicians out who possess the know-how needed to complete each job safely and efficiently. We make great efforts to keep repair and installation costs affordable to you, and we only perform the necessary amount of construction needed for each project, leaving your lawn as good as new when we're through. Sprinkler repair isn't just a 9-5 job for our team – each job is an opportunity to gain further skills and strengthen old ones. One of our top goals is to make sure that we leave each customer feeling highly satisfied and ready to call us for their next sprinkler repair job. We know that if we do things right the first time, it keeps you coming back again and again for our excellent services.

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Big or Small – We Do it All

With over two decades of experience, there's nothing we haven't done before. Whether you own a single family home or a large business, we can help you to maintain your irrigation system. We've performed installations, tune-ups, repairs, and system upgrades for a variety of clients in the San Rafael area and beyond. Our professional sprinkler technicians are always prepared for every job, and they arrive at your location with a vehicle fully-stocked and ready to deal with any repair thrown their way. Worried about conserving water? Call us today and ask about drip irrigation and timed systems! We'd love to help you keep the planet thriving.

Our Sprinkler Repair Team Can Answer All Your Irrigation Questions

Diagnosing a stuck pop up head during a routine San Rafael sprinkler repair jobIf you're like most homeowners in Marin County, you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about your sprinkler system. But when it does demand your attention, for one reasons or another, rest easy knowing we're here to help you understand it. Here are just a few of the questions we hear all of the time: 

Why did my sprinkler head break?

Sprinkler heads crack and break from normal wear and tear including being hit by lawn mower blades, rocks thrown from the street or planting beds, animals with chewing habits and accidental contact with shoes. You may never know exactly what happened to your broken sprinkler head, but if it happens more than once to the same one, we'll look for the issue and try to stop it from happening again.

When should I program my controller to turn on the sprinklers?

You should always water your lawn in the predawn hours. A good rule of thumb is to run your sprinkler for 15 minutes at around 6:30 a.m. If you are getting in your car around that time, set it for ten minutes before or after you plan to leave.

Why is some of my lawn gorgeous and other parts not so much?

If you have a nice looking lawn except for a few spots, you might have a pest problem. Sometimes grubs will eat the roots of your grass in certain parts of the lawn. These areas can be treated with grub killer and we can add a bit of fertilizer to kick-start new growth. Other problems might be in your sprinkler coverage. Perhaps water is not getting to certain parts of the lawn and a recalibration could be in order.

Should I get rain sensors?

Yes. Rain sensors will prevent your system from running when it doesn't need to. You'll save money and your lawn won't get overwatered.

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