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Mill Valley sprinkler repair specialist lays new PVC feeder lineYour lawn is the first thing neighbors and guests see at your home, and the first thing potential clients see at your place of business. Our Mill Valley sprinkler technicians understand that first impressions matter. But more importantly, your satisfaction with the appearance of your home can make a huge difference in the way you feel each day. Our sprinkler repair team in Marin County will help keep your lawn lush throughout the year, and we'll also help you to conserve water while doing so. We'll inspect your current irrigation system, adjust and repair old valves and heads, and perform routine maintenance in order to keep your system in shape for years to come. Don't risk the chance of breaking your sprinkler system further by repairing it yourself – leave it to the professionals and call our sprinkler installation team today.

We Cover Residential & Commercial irrigation Needs

We aren't biased when it comes to sprinkler jobs – we'll take on any project, big or small, as long as it's within the scope of our services. We have more than twenty years of knowledge, expertise, and experience under our belts, so there's not much we can't do. If you need something as simple as a single valve repair or as complex as an entire commercial tear-down and installation, we're eager to be your go-to sprinkler service team in Mill Valley. We'll perform an assessment of the job at hand and offer you detailed, honest price estimates based on your budget and needs. If we think you can get by with replacing just a single section of pipe to eliminate a leak, we'll tell you. However, we'll also be up front with you if we think it's a wiser investment for you to repair your entire system all at once. After a certain point, older pipes simply begin to wear down more and more frequently, and performing individual repairs is simply not cost effective. We're always honest with you – we guarantee it.

They gave me a competitive quote and did a phenomenal job.-Derrick E., Mill Valley
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We Can Install & Maintain Your Sprinkler System for Life

Are you looking to save money and conserve water while still maintaining your lawn's vibrant color? We've got a few recommendations for you! We can help you to save water by installing automated timers in your home or business, meaning that you can set the timer for certain days and hours in which you want your lawn watered. This means you have to do absolutely nothing in order to water your lawn. This eliminates the risk of leaving your sprinklers on all day while you're at work – a big faux pas and waste of precious water. Call us today and ask about installing a drip system or high efficiency sprinkler heads, too! These are some simple, budget-friendly ways to eliminate excessive water usage in your home. We're waiting to save you money!

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